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I work in private practice in Kingston, Ontario and Brockville, Ontario, doing both individual counselling and couples counselling. In my individual counselling I use a variety of methods including cognitive therapy, body-centered therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. These are all forms of talking therapy.  I specialize in working with adult survivors of childhood and adult sexual, physical, emotional and/or psychological abuse. I work around these issues with both women and men.

Counselling:  I offer compassionate, confidential individual and couples counselling sessions at the New Horizons Therapy Centre, 525 Macdonnell Street, Kingston, Ontario and in Brockville at 555 California Ave., Unit 5, Brockville, Ontario.

Body-Centred Therapy: is based on the belief that traumatic, negative energy gets stuck in the body as you experience negative, abusive events-especially during childhood. As an adult it can impact negatively on your self image and how you feel, in your body, and about your body. Using journaling, artwork and creative visualization, I actively work with this energy helping to clear it from the body.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: I use this type of therapy to address negative core beliefs that impact on how we think and how this impacts on our self image and mood.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: I did an intensive 7 day training in 2010 under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli and I weave this training and their writings into my counselling practice.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Sessions are offered in Kingston and in Brockville at the above noted addresses. 

My fee is covered by most Insurance Plans 

My fee is $85/hour

sliding scale 

Please contact me for information on appointments.

Email: janesherwood@xplornet.ca   
Home Office:  613-928-2978   Cell Phone:  613-217-7136


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